About us

The agency of interactive marketing KSAN works at the Internet market since 2003.

We develop and implement brand strategies in digital environment.

Communication`s targets:

  • New product launch
  • Digital component of ATL and BTL campaigns
  • Online PR
  • On-line CRM programs launch
  • HR-marketing and personnel hiring programs

Communication tools:

  • Viral marketing: movies, advertising games, social media applications, seeding viral content
  • Brand community development
  • Mobile marketing: development and promotion of mobile apps
  • Media and contextual advertising campaigns
  • CRM systems: development and support
  • On-line promotion campaigns: multimedia tests, virtual tours

Money back guarantee for advertising campaign indexes

We DO NOT support alcohol and tobacco brands, and the gambling industry as well.


Please, contact us via:

Office phone + 7 495 790 75 35
e-mail: [email protected]





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